Mill Trail Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan

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The project involves the municipalities of South Coatesville, Coatesville, Valley, and Modena and is aimed at giving communities and residents access to healthy and safe transportation options. The posterboard provides a basic introduction to the project.

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Popular Grant Programs

This table lists the most popular sources of grant funding for greenway-related projects. It provides submission dates and  links to the appropriate web sites for your convenience.


Executive Summary - Strategic Action Plan

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Strategic Action Plan Part One

Wide-Ranging Initiatives: includes over-arching strategies that are applicable to all 24 Greenway municipalities, county agencies, state agencies, non-profit groups, and other stakeholders. It also provides a path towards organization for the Brandywine Creek Greenway partners, referred to here as "enablers".

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Strategic Action Plan Part Two

Project Portfolio: identifies recommended projects that are unique to each municipality/agency

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Strategic Action Plan Part Three

Implementation Tool Kit: provides a set of regulatory and non-regulatory tools, resource summary maps,and sources of funding available to implement wide-ranging initiatives and municipal ventures.

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Model Resource Protection Ordinances


Brandywine Battlefield Preservation Plan

Revolution in the Peaceful Valley
Chester and Delaware Counties, PA
Prepared by Chester County Planning Commission & John Milner Associates, Inc.
Funded by The American Battlefield Preservation Program.
Two files include Plan narrative and maps.

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